Halloween Party

I'm a Fiend for Halloween

Maybe it's because of my love for crusty Punk Rock posters, or my juvenile enjoyment of Zombie movies, I don't know. When we decided to leave London, I decided to throw a decadent leaving party with a Halloween theme. All in all, I think we spent about £300 (most of it on the venue - Whirled Cinema near Brixton) and a hell of a lot of time on decorations.

To kick off the fun, I put together a dark little invite, sealed with a skull seal in black wax. The party itself pulled together a generous mix of Halloween snacks (from witches fingers to pizza dough bones) and decorations (a cardboard graveyard dance floor and bony bunting) all topped off with a projection of horror films. A fair bit of effort from me, my girlfriend and her sister and brother-in-law was returned ten-fold by the amazing lengths that our friends went to in dressing up. Good times.